My name is Artem Ditkovsky and I am living in Saint-Petersburg at north of cold mother-Russia. From teen times I've interested in creation of media. My first practice was recording audio and video on magnetic tapes one-to-one. Some late, when I got my first computer, I started to recording music my own band and other friendly guys. Parallel with my best friend we starting translate movies from english to russian with changing primary sence in comedy style. At that time it was incredible popular to do in our lands. After I entered to Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television I decided to learn the professional side of video creation. That was time of intertwining of art and science, cause after 5 years of studying I became engineer of audiovisual equipment.
Now I'm 24 and at least half of my life I've spent creating audio and video content with many people and organizations as a freelance specialist. Day to day I trying to learn smth new cause in present days the world so fast growing up and I want do it with it.

I am very glad to have a common deal with new people and create something awesome.


What I can to do:

  • Working with cameras DSLR, Blackmagic Design and Red
  • Classic edit with all rules and of course breaking it where necessary
  • Color Correction and adaptive video content for any types of television formats
  • Grading LOG source from many cinema cameras
  • Working in the most powerful coloristic software Da Vinci Resolve
  • Full circle creating of media-content: from shooting clips till get master copy
  • Preparing media content for movie theatre and preview rooms
  • Primary sound design
  • Working with other talent freelancers to create other much special works like a VFX, visualisation, copywriting, writing scores and etc.
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    Feel free to contact me using the contact form, if you have any questions about partnership with me. Also I have accounts in the most popular social medias.
    Lets get a work together!

    Artem Ditkovsky

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    Russia, Saint Petersburg • +7 921 947 8098 artem.ditkovsky@gmail.com

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